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April 21 - April 27, 2020

Welcome to Matt's 5 Picks! A weekly article showcasing my top 5 new songs of the week! From rock to country, metal to punk and everything in between. I love all sorts of genres and I hope to help you find some new favourites!




A huge part of music for me is the tone of vocals. Jessie Reyez has such a fantastic tone and her music suits it so well. Same Side brings a more laid instrumental that compliments Reyez’s voice perfectly. On top of this great track, the video itself has you on edge the entire time. I hope that her music continues down a similar path and that there are more interesting videos such as this one.





I haven’t really looked into The Used for quite sometime. But when I heard they had a Mark Hoppus feature, I knew I couldn’t miss out on that. Definitely not what I expected on a musicality standpoint, but definitely a cool track. I was especially surprised by the funky bass solo near the end of the tune. Not something I usually go for personally, but very much enjoyed it none the less.

Video by Hidden Road Studios


Rory Taillon is a storyteller. Every song feels like an adventure. I never know where I’m going end up, what I’m gonna hear or what I’m going to feel. But I always feel his emotional connection to his music. Currently in the midst of the build up to his next album release, Float is an absolutely breathtaking song that makes me beyond excited for this new collection of music. Instrumentation is stunning, vocals are unique and powerful. When the rest of the world discovers Rory, Canada is going to have a hard time holding onto him.





Indie/dream pop has always been hit or miss for me. There are some tracks that I absolutely love, and some... not so much. Alicia Clara has brought a nostalgic style of video along with a very dreamy, hypnotic and vibe setting track. The entire song, I caught myself swaying back and forth just loving it. My favourite part of this top 5 has been discovering new acts that I just want to see live, I’ll be adding Alicia Clara to the list.

Directed & Edited by Alicia Clara




I love when music gets experimental, and I love when music gets dark. Desire’s ‘Black Latex’ takes you on a trippy journey with some French & English spoken word mixed with a very dynamic electronic instrumental. The video scares me a bit, but it’s a scared that I’m enjoying in a weird way. I can’t put my finger on it, but I love this track. Uniqueness is hard to come by in today’s music pool, but I have to tip my metaphorical hat to Desire. Unique is exactly what this is. 

Directed by Johnny Jewel


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